Bridal Designers

The Luna bride is complex and multi-faceted, selective and attentive. Her beauty is embraced as the authentic and insistent articulation of the individual, without pretense or arbitrary excess. Shine your brightest on your wedding day with these unique and fashion-forward bridal gowns from around the world. From intricate beading to exquisite laces, striking silhouettes to sleek designs, every dress makes its own statement.  Collections range from just under $3,000 to $8,000.


Limor Rosen

From their Flagship studio in Tel Aviv, Limor Rosen creates feminine, graceful designs. Using meticulous patterns, carefully selected fabrics, and uncompromising sewing, designs are created that pay attention to every small detail of your wedding dress.


Yolan Cris

Founded in 2005 by two sisters, Yolanda and Cristina, Yolan Cris  is a fashion-house based in Barcelona and specialized in haute couture wedding dresses and evening wear. These romantic, handcrafted dresses are designed with the natural and authentic woman in mind.


Unbridaled by Dan Jones

Steering away from traditional bridal aesthetics, Dan Jones designs sleek and sophisticated wedding gowns for the modern bride. Unbridaled is an effortless fusion of luxe fabrics, shape defining silhouettes and exquisite craftsmanship.



Minnesota-based designer Tara la Tour set out to create a brand where modern ideas meet the romanticism of the past, both aesthetically and ideologically.  She designs using modern silhouettes that have vintage-inspired and hand crafted detailing, all while using the finest fabrics.  She also believes in local and true craftsmanship, which is why a 100% of their gowns are made in the US.   


rue de seine (arriving mid-october)

For the true, full-spirited bohemian, there is no collection more perfect than Rue de Seine. Bold and playful, these dresses from New Zealand designer Michele Corty engage all senses, offering an effortlessly chic and hopelessly romantic wedding day look.